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    Merchants Temporarily Offline

    I currently have 2 merchants that are temporarily offline. I make sales for these 2 merchants all the time. All I can do is email them and ask them to add funds.

    Can something be done about this? This happens all the time and I feel it is not up to the affiliates to police the merchants. Why can't it be mandatory for them to have auto deposit? It is irresponsible of them and unfair to us.

    Comments please.....

    Thank you!

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    Unhappy Offline/Low funds
    I'm afraid that low (or no) funds are a cross we affiliates need to bear. I expect
    that the accounting departments of smaller businesses experience cash flow problems resulting from their cross' to bear which is, in part, from returns and refunds after payments are made to small affiliates who have no pending cash in their accounts from which to debit a refund to the merchant.
    I would speculate that merchants have, from time-to-time suggested witholding our affiliate payments for a longer waiting period.
    Besides (tongue-in- cheek) why worry about deleting "offline" ads when Norton will delete all our ads for us. grrrrrrrrr

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