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    Weird related products
    How is it that this product:

    (dog chew)

    Has "The Da Vinci Code" as a related product? Is the feed from Amazon screwed up? As much as my dog would like to chew this book, it makes it difficult to add "Related Product" links because although the product categories I am using are quite narrow, if I get stupid "related" products like this, when you (or more importantly a search engine) follows that link, the related products for that book then become very diverse...and it ends up with 10,000 possibly crawlable links on my site, which seems nutty.

    Is there any way to limit related products to certain cetagories to avoid this kind of dumb fubar?


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    In one of the areas on where I sell a lot of electronics, Amazon kept recommending porno books for several months!
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    Those "related products" are determined entirely by Associate Engine has nothing to do with determining what is "related". If you don't want those to show up on product details pages, edit your ae-format/details*.html formatting file and remove the "Similar Products" section.

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    I have thoiught about this.

    Amazon has millions of products so we can accept related prods. is not some human-created thing.

    It is likely that Amazon's relevancy engine ("people who bought X also bought Y") is inaccurate for products they don't sell much of because if it tracks that John Doe bought some dog chews, then a book, it will assume that the book is a related or relevant product to the dog chew. Of course, if there were millions of a product sold, it would be simpler to "logically" associate products.

    This may explain unrelated "related" products.

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