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    Is number of unique visitors important to register?
    I have recently started my website and I am planning to signup to Linkshare soon. I checked out their registration form and saw that they are asking the number of unique visitors in a month? I have started my website only a week ago so I have almost zero visitors.

    I am wondering if this is important to be accepted by Linkshare and also other similiar companies. Has anyone been rejected just because they don't have enough visitors? Also, do they ask some kind of proof regarding the number of visitors?


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    Nope, its nothing like that with LS (at least this is what my experience is). You can even choose 0-500, still you will get accepted by LS.

    Yes, is the case with few merchants (not all), they can decline your application by saying that you dont have enough traffic. But they do sometimes also mention that you can apply back when ever you meet their traffic criteria .
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