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    File Structure and File Names...
    Voila... I've done it!

    I have successfully mastered (well maybe that is an over-exaggeration) WebMerge and after taking Frank's excellent tutorial as a guide, I have successfully generated 1800 pages with real live data from one of my affiliates.

    But having done that... I realize that if I am to continue doing so, I had best have a good file structure for my generated pages, and some good naming conventions for my settings files and my templates.

    I notice that Frank uses names like FTC-2Tiers 1.4ww for his sample settings files. In that I am assuming he uses the first part (FTC) to refer to the affiliate the setting is for (FunToCollect); 2-Tiers to tell himself that it is a 2 tier run; and 1 to indicate that it is the first run of the 2. (Not sure but that is my assumption at least.) That all seems logical but i wonder if anyone (or 4th World) has any better suggestions for setting file names.

    I also note that Frank uses 0-INDEX-TEMPLATE.html for his Index file and similar names for the CATEGORY, SUBCATEGORY and DETAIL htm files. This also seem logical... but I wonder what he intends the 0 to represent.. and I again wonder if there is a better suggestion from a reader or 4W?

    And finally, I wonder how y'all store both your settings files, data etc. ... and your generated pages? I am currently thinking of putting all the data and settings files and templates in one folder per affiliate, and then use a separate folder for generated pages, based on the category of items I am selling. (my current site caters to womens clothing so I have a folder for business attire, casual attire, beach attire, lingerie, plus sizes etc.)

    Sorry for the long post but I did want to get it all out in one post.

    Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions will be welcome.

    Thanks for reading...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfmurphhk
    Voila... I've done it!
    Congratulations on creating your website and interpreting my naming system.

    Here are some answers to your questions:

    1) The FTC coding is something that I developed for the WebMerge tutorial to distinquish between the various tier scenarios. In "real life" I usually don't include the number of tiers as part of the name, rather FTC-1.4ww, etc.

    3) I have a folder for each website. Within that folder I have a subfolders called "data" and "public_html" (which simulates my online directory and includes additional subfolders for images, quotations, etc. that are specific to that website). I keep my datafeed and 4ww settings files in the data folder and generate my WM-generated files to the "public_html" folder.

    I put my templates in the "public_html" folder. However, I would not generally recommend this approach. Keeping them in your "data" folder would be safer. In my case I wanted to ensure that my links to images were correct as I was developing the templates for each website. It was simply easier to do this by keeping the templates in the "public_html" directory.

    2) I added the "0" in front of each template so that after generating a batch of files I could easily sort the directory and delete all the files EXCEPT the templates. It works for me. However, if you do this, I'd highly recommend keeping a backup copy of your templates in your data file.



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    Any suggestion what I need to do if I need WM to create directory for the generated html files?

    For example, in my data file:

    Category ProductName
    A Item1
    A Item2
    A Item3
    A Item4
    B Item5
    B Item6
    B Item7
    B Item8

    I would like the detail page for Item1 - Item4 to be generated under directory name A, Item5 - Item8 to be genenrated under directory B?

    Any advises?

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    From the WM Help section on the Index Pages tab (also in the Detail Pages tab):

    Creating Subfolders
    If the field you specify for the file name contains a standard UNIX folder name (separated by "/") before the file name (e.g., "myfolder/filename") it will create the specified subfolder as it creates the file. These can even be several levels deep if you like, using something like this:


    That data will generate a file named "page001.html" inside of a folder named "another folder", inside of a folder named "subfolder".
    Richard Gaskin
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