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    Question allposters and includes
    In allposters does the "include" act in the same way as an SSI - Server Side Includes?

    With an SSI I can change the information in the "include" file, upload the modified file, and the new info is loaded when the page is rendered.

    Does allposters handle its "include" in the same manner or are the "include" files only processed when is run?

    Richard E. Ward
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    <!--include--> is processed by when you run Whatever is in the include file is written to the created .html file.

    The include file can contain SSI statements or <script> statements (or indirectly generated by because the include file contains directives such as <!--amazon:MODE-->). Those SSI statements (or <script> statements) behave as SSI statements (or <script> statements) normally behave and are run by the web server (or web browser) when the webpage is viewed.

    If the include file contains purely static text (e.g.: "I'm Richard") and you run, then that will be in the created .html files. If you modify the static text file (e.g.: "I'm Rick"), you'll have to re-run for the change to take effect. If you want true SSI, then use SSI statements in your template files or in your include files (SSI statements in allposters include files are merely copied as is to the .html file; they are not run during copying).

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    per: David Cusimano

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    Thanks David,

    As I undersand it, now, I can actually just put SSI statements in the template files. I don't know why I haven't understood this before. I must have read the documentation a hundred times and it just hasn't registered.

    As usual, thans for walking me through this stuff.
    Richard E. Ward
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