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    Still Questioning???
    I am still wondering how to find affiliates who would want to market our program? I need to find out how to approach this and what the next step would be. Our Anxiety Busters program is willing to offer a very good percentage but I would appreciate someone telling me how to begin this endeavor. Thank you all.

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    You have to advertise and list your program with affiliate program directories, become a featured merchant with a network (if your on one) and research good affiliates for your niche and contact them ... just saying you have a program doesn't sell it, just like saying you have a product to sell doesn't sell it either, affiliates need to see the program terms, get acquainted with the product and achieve a comfort zone with your company as well as trust the tracking you use.
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    Haiko, -- What is the best tracking to use, what do most affiliate trust?

    Doc, in the past with promoting affiliate programs I have always found networking and talking with everyone about it to work, it seem like many affiliates are blind to ads (much like surfers) -- you have to attract them from a different angle.


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