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    Question creating link on dynamic text
    Dear ALL,

    I have created a simple dynamic page using Dreamweaver, php, and MySQL. The works it does is simple - user key in search keyword in the "search.php" file and the result will be shown in the "result.php" file. Data is GET from the remote server database.

    Question is: there is one dynamic text (say recordset.XXX) need to be linked to another site (external site). How could I do that?

    In simple, what my aim is want to build a result.php page the user will only see (a clickable) "XXX" and when they click on it, it would link them to another site - best would be open in new window. You got it, merchants (XXX) & deeplinks. As they come together in a csv file though in different column, how can I get use of this?

    Cheers and thanks a lot for all help.

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    While I'm not sure I fully understand your question, here goes anyways.

    <a href="your_link"><?php echo "$variable_you_want"; ?></a>
    This would go outside any php brackets. $variable_that_want would just be a variable for the recordset.XXX that you want to use.

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