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    Question gocollect & ae
    By any chance does ae integrate with gocollect the way it does with allposters, using <!--amazon:books--> type includes?

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    1,369 does not support the <!--amazon:MODE--> directive; only supports it. Nevertheless, you can integrate AE results by manually creating the SSI or <script> tag that the <!--amazon:MODE--> directive would have created for you.

    For example, to show books from that are keyword-related to the collectible's name, use something like this SSI statement:

    <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/{itemName+}&grid=c:3,r:3"-->

    or something like this <script> tag:

    <script src="/cgi-bin/{itemName+}&grid=c:3,r:3"></script>

    Put one of the above into your item-default.html item template file.

    Alternatively, instead of using the collectible's name {itemName+} for the keyword search parameter, you could use the collectible's manufacturer name {mfgName+}

    You could also generalize the keyword search to collecibles in general rather than the specific collectibles. For example, keyword=Barbie+collectibles

    FYI, see's "Antiques & Collectibles" books browse node 5066. You might want to have a link for that browse node in your template somewhere, such as: <A HREF="/cgi-bin/">Click here for books about collectibles</A>

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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