Well, I may have said a bad word in here. I see some of you guys on the web some times. I've been around since 1992. Believe it or not, I've been hanging around the Warriors. I just wanted to say Hi and my name is Randall. Yep that is my real name. I don't believe in using fuzzy names.

Sorry! I hope you guys are not to hard on me in here being the new guy and all. I will try to not offend anyone.

I have been working with SCO unix for 11 years now and my main purpose in life is having FUN!

Oh yeah. Databases. They give me trouble. Everyday! IT'S TORTURE!

I am working on a way to make life easier in that respect. As soon as I do, someone will change the rules.

I literally sit at a computer 12 to 16 hours a day so I try my best to find a way to have automacy.

Here is my question: Why do you think that LS is having most new people download the data feeds using 1995 methods? Most new people only know drag and drop! After doing some research of my own, most people today, don't even know that DOS exists! Much less a command window.

Do you think they are making it hard to start with?

I bet 90% of the people out there in the world really don't know what "tar" is!

Well, I hope I don't get into anyones way. I found this site by accident.

I also write articles on 'SCAMS' . Thank you, thank you very much! :