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    January 17th, 2005
    Post Google's toolbar sparks concern - BBC news

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    I'm glad the negative press against it is building! That auto-linking thing of theirs needs to die, and quickly. Hopefully Google will back down under the backlash rather than have the general public's opinion of them ruined by becoming known as nothing but another lousy adware bar.

    (I say "adware bar" because most of the public probably doesn't call it "parasiteware.")
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    Did you see this quote?

    Of course Google should be allowed to direct people to whatever proxies it chooses
    Cory Doctorow, Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Not quite.. in almost every other multibililion dollar industries where there are relatively few players there tends to be a substantial amount of regulation. Anti-trust issues come in here too. Despite the efforts of the competition, Google is still a near-monopoly and must act accordingly.
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    Websites which have paid for advertising on their pages may also be directing people to rival services
    Quite a valid point. Adwords advertisers pay to place their ads on google and when the user lands on their page Autolink takes them to some other website. What value does an advertiser got out of that click which he/she has paid for? Google got a double buck here 1) Revenue from Adwords and 2) Directing it to their favored merchant(s).
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