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    Update static pages?
    OK so Imade 700K pages from the date feed.

    I decided to go with static pages. In other words one page for each item in the feed, which stay on my server, as opposed to pages dynamically generated from the database.

    It takes months for all those pages to get into the SEs.
    But the data feed updates daily.

    By the time the pages get into the SEs many are outdated.

    On each page I placed a search box that searches the sponsors's site directly and take the surfer to the sponsors site.

    The question is, how often should I update the site? Or should I ever?


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    For me, atleast once a week, some on a daily basis.

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    The question is, how often should I update the site? Or should I ever?
    "Should." Aaah...the difference between the theory and the reality is large!

    From my experience:

    (The below assumes that the merchant actually bothers to update their feed regularly! If they don't, it's a lot harder to come up with something different for the feed areas on your site on an ongoing basis.)

    You SHOULD try to hit it at least every week. Remember--you're not waiting "from scratch" for updated pages to get reindexed. The old listings will remain until the engines pick up the change and update *their* index! But if the bots keep noticing updates, they usually will come around more often. I've noticed that weekly updates alone will help ranks. (Note: I hate updating! But I can't ignore the effect I've been seeing lately, either...)

    DAILY may be even better, but that's a terribly mind-boggling thought... I can't say from experience what daily updates to a sales site would do...haven't been able to bring myself to actually do that much updating in order to find out!

    The DECAY PERIOD--that is, how long you can let something rot before it seems to start adversely affecting the ranks--appears to be about 3 Weeks for many engines. After 3 weeks (not a month, mind you...SEs don't let themselves make that much sense!), I notice a lot of pages will start to slip.

    Of course, in the way of all SEs, they put out lots of confounding exceptions. I've had pages rot much longer and still show well...and sometimes some really ancient stuff will come bubbling back up for no apparent reason, too!

    THE REALITY--Is that sections that don't keep showing up in my transaction or traffic reports, reminding me that they exist, may end up getting ignored indefinitely (many months). Unfortunately, usually the SEs will mirror my attitude and ignore them too, when they've been rotting that long!

    But sometimes one will surprise me by pulling up some 6 months/1 year old stuff, and then I'm faced with the REAL dilemma--one even bigger than just setting an update schedule:

    Update the resurrected old stuff, in hopes of keeping it ranking, and risk accidentally de-optimizing it--or keep on ignoring it and risk it being re-penalized for lack of updates??
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    Update as often as you're able, then set up a 404 error page that routes them to a good page in the proper category, so if someone finds an old page somehow you have a better chance of hanging on to the sale.
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    In some cases it depends on the merchant - some of them only update their feeds once every 3-6 months. With those merchants, not much sense in updating the pages often unless you are tweaking the pages to gain better listings.
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    Thanks to all for the info.

    Gives me much to think about.

    I think I will update weekly for now and see where that gets me.

    It only take about 15 munites to update the one domain on which I presently have data feeds and the sponsor updates their feeds daily.

    If it gets to be too much hassle i'll set it up on a chron job and let her work automatically.

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    "...assumes that the merchant actually bothers to update their feed regularly!"

    Let's remember that most merchants only turn over 1 to 5 percent of their feed for every update. So how important is it? - good question. The exception to this would be a datafeed containing closeout specials and limited inventory. I won't go into who has these, but you can find them yourself. If you can't update those regularly, then don't put that kind of feed on your site(s). Hint: I only have one of those types of feeds (out of 30+ feeds).

    Hint: The issue for merchants is to have outdated pricing floating around the Internet. So that's a concern for them (and maybe you).

    Leader's advice is right on, that should be a good one to save on your hard-drive (Lots of hints in there).


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