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    CJ Issue may be with ValueClick!
    Hi Affiliates,
    I am as angry as most of you here. After reading all this comments I felt somehow relieved to realize that the issue is not with my sites but with CJ. I hope this will be fixed soon otherwise most of us are pretty screwed.
    Today I found out that there is a new merchant in CJ: "ValueClick"
    Does anyone know about the company? I know only that 123search is now a part of ValueClick.
    I don't have to tell you in details how I feel about 123search because my stomach is already sick but go to Google and type "123search sucks".

    It REALLY SUCKS! Even monkey balls... (as you would see in the results)
    Actually it was Donkey
    Just to be short - 123search and were the worst search engines to work with. I spent a ton of money just to realize that from 10000 clicks actually one converted to sale or lead!

    123search is part of ValueClick (ValueWho?) and Value Click is since Feb 23 part of CJ. The process to be added in CJ Network takes a long time but once all the links and networks are set it takes about 5-6 days of testing before going live on CJ Network. Which is today.

    This may sound stupid but it is my "Conspiracy Theory" (Gosh I must be really depressed) against Value Click. I really think CJ should take this company off their network because I don't trust them. This may be the reason why CJ servers are not working 100% because it is possible that ValueClick is HACKING their system for their benefit.

    PS: TOD From CJ, please go to Hawaii for a week or take a break. My stomach get's more sick when I hear: "Our Tracking is working fine...Blah-Blah-Blah" Yes, may be it is, but on your side. We affiliates are getting screwed here...

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    "Value Click is since Feb 23 part of CJ"

    CJ is since longer than that part of Valueclick. In plain English, Valueclick OWNS CJ.

    Say what you will about Valueclick, but any change would have been for the better if the old guard got dismissed as usually happens after corporate aquisitions.

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    Why would they remove Valueclick? Valueclick OWNS CJ & Befree
    "Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true"

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    Wow, I always wondered how much libel and inaccurate info you could fit into one post, now i know.


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