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    Would you help out your grandma?
    Hey Guys,

    It has been awhile but great to see you all again! G'day!

    I would like your personal feedback/opinions/experiences in adware removal tools.

    There are so many out there and it can be come very confusing for people.
    Please PM me as I don't want to turn this topic into a frenzied market bazaar of anti-adware software ads.

    Now before you answer... this bit is very important...

    Your grandma has a computer adware problem and she calls you for help. She tells you she has all these pop-ads coming from nowhere and her computer has slowed right down, slower than it takes Granpa's to finish one of his infamous childhood stories... You tell grandma that the computer has been infected with some kind of adware virus and that she probably got it from when Grandpa was downloading his Glenn Miller music files. You also tell her the only way to get rid of it and to stop further infections, is to get an anti-adware software program.

    Now, your Grandma totally trusts you and your judgement and asks which anti-adware program would you personally recommed?

    There is only one proviso here, as good as some free anti-adware programs may be, I am looking for feedback on a commercial program in the price range of $15 - $60.

    Thanx guys, look forward to hearing from you!
    ...oh and say hi to your grandma for me when you see her next!


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    PC Security Shield Anti-Virus w/Firewall at CJ works great. If you use your own CJ link for the purchase your under $15.
    Ray Thomas
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    I just posted regarding SpySweeper and as previously stated, I don't have anything to compare them to... however, they are definately doing the job for me!

    My computer was badly infected two months ago and after downloading SpySweeper, running a deep sweep, I was up and running better than ever! I was a little shocked at just how much junk it found!

    I think it runs for 'bout $29 dollars but I found a "promotional code" on the web which knocked it down to $19.00.

    If anyone has reason NOT to like SpySweeper, I'd like to hear it... cuz that way I won't renew it next year.



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