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Thread: Got a "mystery 1099" from "TURN L.L.C." -- BettyMills

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    Got a "mystery 1099" from "TURN L.L.C." -- BettyMills
    I hope this saves some of you some head-scratching.

    I got a mystery 1099 in the mail today. It was from "TURN L.L.C." The address said they're based in San Mateo. It had a phone # on it, but it was after business hours when I got the mail.

    It turns out that this is BettyMills. When I Googled the street address it said it was for "Turn BettyMills Co."

    I sure wish the form had *said* "BettyMills" on it somewhere!

    Anyhow, now you know.

    -- Mike
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    I'll confirm that. If you get a 1099 that is from either BettyMills or Turn, LLC. they both are one and the same for your tax purposes.

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    Last year I called to find out who the heck they were!

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