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    I am still working on my new site and have not signed up with Linkshare or Commission Junction. Do they offer streams of the lates coupon codes? If not, how are some sites maintaining these lists on a day to day basis?? Hopefully not a manual process. Any insight is appreciated.

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    If it were that easy, there would be thousands of coupon sites. Oh wait, there are thousands of coupon sites. Unfortunately, there's no easy easy way to find all the latest coupon codes. You have to sign up for newsletters, read emails from affiliate managers, search the networks, search affiliate areas on merchant sites, search promoational areas of merchant sites, etc.

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    I wish. I spend a few hours manually updating coupons every day. I can process 10-20 coupons per day like this, but...

    ... I have started up some dedicated pages for stores that offer DRM links (dynamically updated coupons).

    I find that scripts slow my viewing pleasure down, so it's better to put these DRM links in their own little sub-categories, such as an entire page dedicated to one store.

    What's aggravating is that when you sign up for newsletters, many stores have exclusionary offers that must be activated by linking through their newsletters. That's really shooting their advertisers in the foot. (SmartBargains is the worst!)

    Other companies refuse to let you post publically-available coupons. You can only post those that they post for their affiliates on Linkshare, CJ, etc. These tend to be the worst, lowest value coupons. Hmmm.

    Also, some public coupons will void your commission. More advanced companies are able to tell where a coupon came from and void out your commission if you use an offer they haven't published for affiliates.

    With some companies, I'm finding I'm doing a lot of tail-chasing just to find a decent offer to publish -- so I will probably drop them. With others, I find some are very flexible and give commissions no matter where your coupon offers originated.

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