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    Please explain, in the simplest terms...

    Can someone explain to me (or point to the thread that does) in the simplest terms just how commissions from my credit card site can/might be stolen.

    I'm very new to web design, affiliate programs, html, etc...etc... so much so that a lot of the threads/posts I'm reading are pretty Greek to me.

    I'm hoping to have my (exclusively) credit card site up in the next week or so ... so I'm concerned!



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    Basically it can happen when users visiting your site have some sort of adware (parasiteware, crapware, scumware, thiefware, bunch of other names) on their computer. So when they get to your site, a pop up might happen telling them to Click Here or words to that affect taking them to somewhere else. In the past (might be some real nasty programs that still do this) some adware programs, after your site visitor clicking your link, would switch out or insert their own affiliate id or redirect your traffic thru their site or thru their id.

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    Thanks for responding!

    Wow... that's really devious because it doesn't seem like there's much one could do about someone else's computer! Hmm!

    Well, I'm gonna read more 'bout what can be done!

    Thanks again!


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