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    January 17th, 2005
    Paypal "return to site after payment"
    I use IPN and a return link back to my site that includes a variable that contains the order number as below..

    but about 10% of the time the users get "Page can no be displayed" or similar errors...

    I can not reproduce this error myself, but enough people are complaining to know it is happening.

    I also use another debit card processor, and they NEVER have this problem..


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    February 10th, 2005
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    Why are you not using the same provider for both your sites? If your other processor does not have this problem then it would make sense to switch the one that is over to it.

    Check with the payment gateway you are using to see if they have the redirect properly set up. It may be something in how it is set up. Is this a new account or an established one that just started having the problem. It appears that it is random and could be a browser issue.

    There can be several things that it could be but you did not provide enough info to be able to pin point directly a solution.

    Wish I could be of more help


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