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    Overture vs Google Click Through Rates
    I handle web marketing (primarily PPC, but some search) for a variety of clients. This question is for the folks who spend money in PPC as a form of advertising.

    I look like a genius on Google and a moron with Overture. My click through rates are at 9% with a click to conversion of almost 6% on Google, but my click through on Overture for basically the same ad is at 2% and click to conversion is at 2% as well.

    Are these stats fairly consistent with what you have seen? I am talking about through an advertiser's side not a publisher's side on these stats.

    I have been tracking one client since June and the gap has been widening as I am able to improve my performance on Google but on Overture, I stay status quo.

    Help me by making me realize that Overture just doesn't convert as well or tell me I am a moron (okay be polite about it though)

    And to prevent the spin out of a Mike and Charley post, the company's are selling services and do not have affiliate programs so there are no BHO cookie stuffer ad whore arguments that apply here.
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    Yes there are Adwhores at play here whacking your Overture effectiveness. It's called Overture syndication parnterships with every junk traffic wank willing to act as their troop of click cheats. It's harder to do through the Google compliance folks. My clients Adword clicks convert at a steady 1/16 and the same terms and landing pages at Overture are lucky to pull 1/38.
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    For me, the difference isn't quite as big, but AdWords definitely has an advantage.

    Also, keep in mind that it takes considerably different techniques on the two. With Overture, you can write a much longer ad. A low CTR won't hurt you there (as long as it's not too low), so do some "negative selling" to make your clicks even more qualified.

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    I love google's program and gave up on Overture's a long time ago.

    I can't complain but sometimes I still do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey
    ...Also, keep in mind that it takes considerably different techniques on the two....

    I do PPC for myself and for clients as well. I have observed this exactly as MC says here. Another contributing factor is Overture's speed - it is so painful to work in the DTC (Direct Traffic Center) that I spend more than 3 times working within the Google interface versus Overture - cuz I can get things done in Google. So people learn Overture slower - cuz we avoid it - it's painfully slow. So what's the time efficient solution? It ain't hanging out waiting for the Overture page to load...

    I recommend the seminars Overture is running through Mary O'Briens firm - she formerly worked at Overture, has written for Revenue magazine and runs her own small SEM firm now. The seminars are not sales pitches and she discusses Google and many others (and some SEO on top of PPC). I went to the one in Tampa a few weeks ago - it's a couple hundred dollars well spent IF you're planning to spend a lot on PPC.

    Are you using the account-wide negative keywords? Keyword-specific negative terms? Negative keyword suggestion tool? Know the difference between the STST (Search Term Suggestion Tool) from inside your account and the one that most people access from outside Overture? Know how Advanced versus Standard bid and match works and what you should be doing to take advantage? Know how Overture now automatically approves certain ads via algo if you follow certain ad submission rules and protocols? Know what a keyword construct matrix is? (not called "keyword construct matrix" at the seminar, but it is discussed) Do you have tracking urls turned on and know how to farm OVRAW to gain a competitive advantage? Know which bid positions have highest CTR and why? Overture allows 190 characters in the ad description - know why you might want to use only a max of 180?

    I've said too much...

    Point is, skillset needs honing. Many people are weak in using Overture. That's smacks of opportunity.

    Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDC
    I love google's program and gave up on Overture's a long time ago.
    Ahhhh, the sweet sound of opportunity knocking...

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