I have Terms of Use pages on my sites. I saw advice saying we need that on a forum somewhere. Maybe it was here.

I state that some links take the user to another site over which I have no control and attempt to absolve myself of responsibility for whatever may be encountered on other websites. I also state that my links go to partner sites, and that I have evaluated their site behavior and marketing practices, and that I feel they can be trusted.

Now Google wants to put links on my pages that could go anywhere, and I have no knowledge of them. What about liability issues? Could I be held responsible for things that happen on those unknown sites?

There are so many other ways that unknown links get put on your pages. I never even thought about the other ones like TopText or parasite popups, etc. until the uproar over Autolinks.

I'm thinking about adding a statement to my TOU to try to limit liability for actions of some third party. Any thoughts on the legal risk of third parties sticking stuff on your website?