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    The Nigerian Businessman Scam in a Different Suit
    For those of you that eBay, here is one that I received that looks curiously like the Nigerian Businessman scam.

    Dear Trading Assistant, I have a request from you.First of all I must inform you that currently I'm in Italy, because my husband is Italian and we decided to move there as he got a very good job offer and he wanted to be closer to his parents.The money spent with the movement was more than I expected and our financial situation is going from bad to worse and because of that we want to sell our bike. I have one problem : every time I want to list my bike on ebay, they end my listings and I don't know why. This is the request I wanted from you: I want you to list my bike from your account please, I will pay you all through PayPal. After that you have to forward me all the emails. Please inform me of your decision asap and I will email you the description of the bike and all the pics. Please help me I am desperate. Best Regards Thank you

    Just thought I would share.
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    Sounds like a plea for help, to not only get your account info, but scape more bucks from duped eBayers from someone who never delivered sqwat on any former auctions. PayPal ...never leave home without it!
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    Yeah, obviously they wants to conduct business through your ebay account. Why? Even if you believe their "for some reason listing is removed" explaination, it's something they should take to ebay tech support. It's totally illogical.

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    if it is a new twist, the rest of us will probably start receiving them soon.

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