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    Angry Adsense Ads Not Updating
    Ok I made many changes my root index page about 2 weeks ago. And Google is still placing ads for Jewelry on a page with out the word jewelry or any other related words to jewelry on the page or in the html?

    Additionally the ads are not even changing when I refresh the page. They are for the same advertisers over and over.


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    I have had similar issue with that before, send google the exact url and explain the situation to them, the response took a few days but they had to fix it on their end.

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    I had a similar problem with a site of mine.

    It took about three weeks for AdSense to "notice" and change the type of ads. I didn't contact them, it happened on its own.

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    Like Mike, I just waited for them to get it right and eventually they did. I had changed the focus of one site in a big way, and it took weeks to get the right ads. Even when it realized the content changed, it was having a hard time picking up the right subject, since the URL strongly implies something totally different!

    AdSense seemed to only really catch up once the regular Googlebot had come by again and respidered it. This took awhile, since the site was dormant for a long time before that, which had caused the crawl frequency to drop. But eventually they got it right.
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    LOL... I often preface a shoppers page with a disclaimer "You don't need no stinkin' coupons, or rebates, to get real bargains here". Adwords plastered coupon site Ads all over those pages.
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    Change the size of the Adsense ad. A new ad size forces an (immediate) respidering.


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    And if you use one, check your robots.txt file to specifically allow the adsense crawler

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