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    Hi Guys,

    Is they any reason (security or otherwise) why you don't allow registered users to delwte their own replies. I know we can edit them but only board/forum moderators can actually delete them.

    I recently replied to a topic and realized the answer was already covered - so I edited it to a apologetic post ~sigh~

    Just a thought to keep your admin/mpoderator work to a minimum and to avoid me embarrassing myself in the future. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    We have it *specifically* set up like this because someone who starts a new topic, or replies to one, they may not like the way the topic develops and would try to delete the entire topic or the respective posts that are part of, or privy to, that conversation.

    All topics contain member input and other valuable information that drives our conversations, the thrust of which could be lost by someone deleting the post or entire topic, we just don't want that to happen!

    Additionally, 99% of the double posts, and/or 'oops' posts are deleted within the day they were posted, if not immediately.



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    Good rule.

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