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    Ebay affiliation terminated
    I started Ebay program last month and I have a pretty good ACRU because I have a lot of friends and my friend's have lots of friends that registered and bid. In fact i haven't have a single reversal. Yesterday I got an e-mail from them through my CJ mailbox that say

    "We regret to inform you that the Commission Junction advertiser eBay has chosen to expire its affiliation with you effective 11-Mar-2005"

    Would I still get my commission for last month's transaction and until the 10th of this month?

    Can someone very knowledgeable post some insights regarding this matter.

    Thank you.

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    Based on your post it seems that you think they dropped you with good reason?

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    Wow! Did they say why they are expiring you? If not, did you write to them and ask them why?

    If they think your bids/reverals were fraudulent, then they might reverse them and not pay you. Don't guess you'll know for sure until February transactions are locked.

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    sounds like all the activity on your new account set off some red flags at hq. Were your 'friends' all registering and bidding on items they knew they wouldn' t win just to get the $20? An EPC that is too high will no doubt get their attention.

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    It is very important to ask online what happened. There have been many reports that warnings have been sent out in e-mail giving affiliates 7 days to correct a problem. It appears that affiliates aren't getting the e-mails. There is a problem here that CJ should address.

    Why are they informing affiliates that they are terminated via the CJ manager interface but allege that they are sending warnings via e-mail?

    No affiliate would ignore those e-mails. Simple mistakes can happen. If the CJ e-mail system is broke then it will help all 3 parties if they would fix it.

    There's a rash of these reports at eBay's online affiliate forum.

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