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    Linkshare Merchant Pricing
    Hi, I couldn't find merchant pricing information on Can anyone give me an idea as to how much linkshare charges merchants? I was able to find pricing information for cj easily on its website. I don't know why I couldn't on linkshare.

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    you're probably going to have to talk to a salestypeperson at LS. while you're at it, you might compare how hard it is to find the figures like that at good academic exercise.

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    I went to a car show once. All of the manufacturers listed their prices and encouraged you to look through the cars as closely as you wanted. Except the Aston Martin. Theirs was roped off and didn't have any prices. If you were interested, you had to set up an appointment to see a consultant at the dealership.

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    Hi liberty2k

    Drop me an email and I'll fill you in on all the details.

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