I paid $50 to post a thread in the "New Programs and Announcements" section of this forum. After giving my credit card info and clicking the payment button, I was directed to a page listing other services that I could purchase. No receipt. No indication that my payment was processed successfully. Nothing.

Okay, I then went into the "New Programs and Announcements" section and tried to submit my program announcement. I clicked the "Submit New Thread" button and was taken back to the listing of threads in the forum. My thread did not post to the forum.

I'm quite confused here, so I was going to PM the site admin for assistance. When I clicked his name to PM him, I got a page saying that I am not authorized to access this section of the site.

Now, I'm more confused than ever. I really need someone to contact me and let me know if (1) my payment was received, and (2) my announcement got lost somewhere in cyberspace.

Roy Pope