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    Perhaps a dumb question, but....

    I have noticed that for individual products, some merchants don't have any description of the product listed on the "get html" page (i.e of Linkshare, or perhaps CJ). So, I have gone to the merchant's website directly, where I can sometimes find a description or more information about the product. I copy this information and use it on my site.

    Question - is this permitted? I am really inclined to say "yes" - after all, I'm promoting the merchant's product. However, I just wanted to get another's opinion.


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    The merchant may not want to enforce their copyright claims and anger their affiliates. They might even give you permission somewhere in the affiliate agreement (get out your magnifying glass and read that stack of words!) Or they might specifically prohibit what you did, in which case they would be angry if they discovered it. Technically, it may be a copyright violation unless they give permission. Most likely, they would send you a cease and desist letter if it bothered them. They might be licensing that content from some one else, in which case the real owner would have a case against you.

    Its like plagiarism in schools. Not a good idea. Many get away with it, but it is not professional. Write it yourself.

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    What Louie said. It all depends on the merchant you are working with. Some allow and some dont. Better thing to do is get the merchants' permission before you use their contents.

    I had situations where merchants happily allowed to use their contents/graphics at the same time some bluntly refused and said they reserved the rights on use of their contents.
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    I am inclined to say "Ahmar's advice is right and pratical."

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