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    The Kolimbo Open Network
    does anyone do business with these people,if so can you give me any info. on how they are?

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    There are some nice merchants in there. Some very niche. I don't really consider them a network but a place that gathers most of the merchants using the MYAP software into one place. Give it a try.

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    Ty for quick reply and the info.

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    I am a merchant through the Kolimbo Network. MyAP is awesome. I have not had one hookup with them yet. I am new, so i can't really compare, but these guys seem to know there stuff. Always more than happy to answer my questions and do so in a timely fashion. I would give them a shot!

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    I'm with a few merchants that use myapp and all seem great. You can log into Kolimbo to see stats in one place or log into the individual merchant for your stats. They have new tools I haven't had a chance to use that I'm psyched about

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    They seem to think I've signed up with them already, but I can't convince their system to send my password to me.

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    I had that problem too! What a pain, but I tried using different browsers to access their login page and either IE or NS worked finally. I'm a Firefox guy and for some reason it really didn't like that browser. Kept getting the same error page as I tried to login and/or request my Password.

    I can use Firefox now that I know my password.

    Give it a try if you haven't already....can't hurt

    Good Luck,
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    Hi. Let me know if you have any questions about Kolimbo - I'm the handsome dude on the left hand side once you're logged in

    Drewbert - let me know your ID number and I'll give you your password (ben at (There maybe a dodgy email address in your account which isn't reaching you).

    Cursal - if you're having problems send me your ID too. Kolimbo DOES work in Firefox...I use SHIFT and Refresh together to get a non-cached version.

    Suzigeek - check out KBStores in My Link Builder, you'll be so psyched your kneecaps may drop off!
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    good stuff
    I've had success with them. I'm relatively new to their merchants, but a few in particular are converting very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbert
    They seem to think I've signed up with them already, but I can't convince their system to send my password to me.
    I think if you sing up with a merchant that uses MyAP, you're in Kolimbo. It didn't use to be that way - but lately, I've heard it's now a standard feature. First MyAP merchant you sign up with, you're automatically added to the Kolimbo network.

    MyAP is a GREAT tracking app! It was a natural extension for Kowabunga (the company behind MyAP) to form a network after so many aff managers choose this platform.

    Kolimbo means you can log in one place and see the results from your indie merchants that use MyAP - but it's not live. I think there can be as much as 24 hours delay. But if you use more than 2 MyAP merchants, it can be worthwhile to use the collected stats - kind of like a master account.

    I also think the merchants they choose (actually the merchants choose them) are independent, seeking to avoid network tracking issues, are largely off the parasite radar screen and usually know what they're doing.

    I only use a handful of merchants there, but they all do well for me. I think of them as indies all gathered in the same reporting-platform tent.

    Love them!

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