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    Haiko, what about a What's Wrong with my Site forum where people who have put in a lot of work on their sites and can't figure out why it still isn't making money or drawing decent traffic can ask others to look over their site and tell them what might be the problem?

    They may not have a clue what the problem is but someone here might see it immediately.
    I don't just mean design or technical issues, could be anything that affects the ability of the site to convert sales, draw traffic, or retain visitors - lousy copy, SEO issues, usability, load time, etc.

    We could call it The Site Doctor.

    I am suggesting it because I've seen a number of people the past couple days being told the reason they aren't doing well is that their site, uh, is donkey-esque. Aside from the fact that some people would be devastated to be publicly told that their site blows chunks, it doesn't really serve much purpose unless they have a way to get help setting it right. If someone starts carrying on, just politely suggest they see The Site Doctor.



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    That's an excellent idea. A lot of other factors come into play that may have nothing to do with the site itself though.

    I have a page that was absolutely hideous until I cleaned it up recently. Still it has consistently generated $100 to $200 per month
    on fewer than 20 page views per day.

    On the other hand, I have several other pages which are quite attractive, selling (trying to, rather) very hot products. These three pages in particular are ranking very well in the SE's and bringing in a lot of traffic and generating a lot of click-throughs, but almost no sales because the merchant's site is screwed up.


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    I think that is a great idea. I would like a forum like that as well. That would be very useful for newbies to affiliate marketing like myself.

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