I have uploaded the datafeed of over 1700 products and with warm weather appearing, gardeners and yard mavens will be shopping for decorative wind wheels, spinners, decorative flags, wind chimes and more.

April is National Kite Month and sales of kites will start ramping up.
Just a note on kites: Sure kids fly them and it makes for great family recreation, but really most kite sales are to adults! Check out our $400-$600 kites... They are spectacular! Also X-Sports shoppers are looking for the Ballistic Power Kites for Kite Boarding, Kite Skating, Kite Surfing and more...

Get your site ready for a great spring and summer garden and kite season.

If you haven't joined our program, please do. If you are already an affiliate and can use the feed, please ask in the SAS interface.

I'm sure glad its warming up here in the California High Desert...

Let's sell and have some fun!