1) We have dropped the price for PR Bars to $9.95 for 5 flavours. Please make the changes and start promoting this product. In the last week since we have dropped the price to $9.95 from $22 the average order value has shot up to $150. That means $30 per sale.

To know more check the link,

2) One of our best selling products is the Prostate Health Complex,

We are running a special offer which is,

$59.95 for a 3 bottle kit plus 1 bottle of V Power Free (58% Savings)
$89.95 for a 6 bottle kit plus 2 bottles of V Power Free (68% Savings)

This has started today.

Make all the necessary changes to your websites and FRee sites.

Please call us on 888-236-4778 Ext 2903 If you have any questions.

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