So I put some PPC ads up about 3 weeks ago, was doing well, instantly was making a handful of sales a day. During all the CJ tracking problem (not blaming, just saying the time coincided), sales went down for everything except one product.

So I kept the one product, but now it's been 2.5 days without a sale. Note: same number of clicks when I was selling as when I wasn't.

I've checked the link (working fine), checked the competition (same as it was before) and since the loud consensus is that CJ is fine, my next thought is that it may be something taking over. I don't know enough about parasite/scumware to figure out if it is, but could that be the problem?

If so, how does it work? Does it mean my links are forever "ruined"?

This stuff is giving me a headache. Any help will be greatly appreciated.