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    Limited access to Linkshare

    I have started my site sometime ago. The problem is my site requires continuous update during the day but I am working during the day for my primary job. So, I decided to hire some people. However, to be able to post new content, they will have to create links from Linkshare. But I don't want to give them full access to my Linkshare account since they will see all my private information and they could even change them.

    Do you know if there is a such a thing called restricted access to Linkshare so that they can login and create links but not able to see/change other information? Actually, this question stands for CJ and others as well.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Refer to post

    Hope this helps

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    Raytom, thanks for the pointer however I couldn't figure out how can I achieve what I want.

    Is there anybody who has similiar structure? I want to hire couple of people with commission based compensation to update my website but I don't want to expose my personal account information.

    I was planning to create couple of more accounts -all for the same website- and later assign each account to each person I will hire. I would make my own account the master one and aggregate on it. So, hopefully new hires would be able to see how much they earn but not my account details.

    Has anybody done this before or figured out how to do this with new legal entity thing?


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    IMHO ...Seems like a quandry for "incent" based affiliates seeking the MLM approach to affiliate marketing. New hires, recruited by dangling "a piece of the pie" carrot, free the operator, seeking Super affiliate status and accompanying increased commission rate, from the mundain task of putting up LS coded deals/coupons/rebates. The obvious flaw in the plan is any legit 'new hire" should be able to break from the pack mentality and just join LS themselves and make more from updating their own pages and e-mails ...unless?

    They are dumb as someone rolling off a turnup truck.
    They are already in hot water due to blackhat practices
    They can bend the network rules as a smoke screen layer (aka 180Solutions model) thereby letting the aggregrator off the CoC hook by culling his un-paid herd every 60 days when the heat gets turned up.
    They buy into the MLM group strategy to pool their cookied incent clicks without exposing themselves as part of the Super Affiliate group.

    Maybe I'm wrong and this senerio of the Day Job affiliate hiring worker bees, not on LS's radar, is part of some community service program or Tin-foil hat Cult. Me thinks the networks have "incentive" split commission reporting down to a science.
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