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    Question META Keywords - Layout

    This is something that has always puzzled me..

    Suppose I sell 'Blue Screw Top Widgets' I use a freely available program to add meta tags to my problems there yet...

    But...I've always wondered what layout is best in terms os SEO for the keywords..

    Should it be something like this:

    blue screw top widgets,screw top,widgets,blue - comma separated

    or should it just be:

    blue screw top widgets - with no commas between the words?

    Also does google & co look at the keywords in reverse order..for example..would it return a result for 'widgets screw top' even though my HTML meta tag might be 'screw top widget'?

    Any ideas folks, cheers.

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    I do it like this:
    blue screw top widgets, screw top, widgets, blue

    Some people have no spaces and just commas, doesn't really matter, it's read the same. Google doesn't really look at it last i heard, Yahoo is supposed too. I really don't spend much time with it, MarkyMark would know the best out of the people here.

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    I'll stick with the way I was doing it then (same as you)...the whole phrase then the seperate words all with commas.... 5 to 6 key phrases/words

    I read the google stuff too....but for only a few K of space..silly not to include tags I reckon.

    Ta for the help !

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    Inktomi's guidelines were to seperate keywords with a comma, but I think most people would agree that meta keywords just don't matter much in the big scheme of things.


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    I think you'll find that most here will say you should not bother with them, but I disagree. Clearly G**gle and a few others don't pay attention to them (according to majority opinion), but there are places that it matters. The trade off, is that you end up with one more line of code that could mean your c*ntent ends up being one line of code higher.

    I use a site search at each of my sites, and it uses keywords (for related items [hint]). So I always put them in for that purpose alone. But for the real-world and other engines I know that my logs do show results based on meta keywords but, that was 18 mos ago - and very minimal. Short story, is that I still think it is a good idea.

    My preferred scheme. comma separated, no spaces - except in phrases. If you don't use commas - how can you have any phrases? - silly. Lower case only. Limit keywords/phrases to about twenty (or less).

    Here is a question for datafeed users with banned sites in (out of) G**gle. Do you think you should be looking at "other" ways to optimize your pages for organic searches at other engines?

    Good luck.


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