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    REI Change Your Links
    "Recently, we made a couple of necessary changes that will improve the program moving forward. First, we updated our Terms & Conditions. Second, we added additional tracking parameters to our urls.
    Also, we have added new tracking parameters to the destination URL’s. PLEASE UPDATED THE REI CREATIVE ON YOUR SITES BY REFRESHING YOUR LINKS. Which means, you will need to copy and paste the new HTML code for your REI creative into your website. "

    Does that mean all the links? banner links? links with SID? text links?

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    I believe they mean everything.

    Ugh! Their new terms of service indicate that you cannot change the verbiate in their links. The links must be exacltly as offered on cj. You cannot post any promotions not offered on CJ by rei, i.e., coupon codes from their e-mails, etc.

    This bums me out as so many companies are going this way. Then these companies give their affiliates the most boring, most stale offers to promote. Lame.

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    I'm about ready to drop REI. They've never once responded to my emails and they've converted terribly for me. My competing merchants don't like seeing REI on my site and now this. This is certainly a horribly run program.

    - Scott
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