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    Real Quick Link please?
    Real fast question:

    Sending out my newsletter but I have a problem. I am putting in an affiliate link, and am trying to hide how it looks by using some simple html code and making a hyperlink...but in mail services like hotmail it just shows the code and the bad link. How can i fix this? If anyone knows please post...need to send it fast.


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    Can't help you specifically w/ hotmail, but I often point traffic (in newsletters or on my sites) to a pretty link that just server-side redirects to the ugly actual affiliate link.

    In your newsletter, something like:

    and in your landing page called

    your server code
    <cflocation url="httpp://">

    You can use php, asp, or even a meta refresh to do the same if you're not coldfusion programmer.

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    I am not sure what your newsletter is about but if the visitors have opted for the news letter from your site its a good idea to let them first land on your own page. There are 2 main advantages 1) people will actually remember that they opted for a news letter from your site and 2) it will build brand name for your site. Next time people will remember to visit your site first rather than going directly to the merchant's site.

    One of the advantages of the news letters is to build the brand name and increase traffic to your own site. IMHO, capitalize on that.

    Its a different issue if you dont have pages up for the products you are trying to sell through your news letter. Obviously then you dont have any choice other then to send them directly to the merchant's site.
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