A couple of comments some that you may not like but... In the interest of trying to offer input that can be useful I'll proceed.

1) I had put code on my site to send visitors that were infected to parasiteware.com. That lasted two days and I removed it. Why?

First, the eye is drawn to JOIN our mailing list more than anything followed by an ad to buy virus protection software followed by Enter our discussions. Frankly our discussion board in parasiteware is not going to thrill any user infected with a parasite to do an uninstall and it seems to me the parasiteware should be FIRSTLY promoting removal of the parasiteware. Having a bunch of ad's trying to profit from users going there will turn them off and they think it's a scare or just another sales tactic.

After a good review of the parasiteware.com page, I felt it was better to warn the users myself and refer them to lavasoft or CNET for a free download of adaware and thirdy I listed parasiteware.com as another reference. I also noted to my users that I was NOT trying to sell them a single thing on the page. No tigerdirect, no virus protection, NOTHING. I let them know my interest is solely in protecting the privacy and best interests of my customers.

I'm glad to see the new changes going in parasiteware.com concerning a section for each offender but in my opinions we need two different areas.

1) One thats nice and clean and void of comments like this one or some of the others a user will see. It needs to be a restricted forum only for providing info to users who have been notified they are infected or want to know more about spy / parasiteware and how to remove them. This forum should be readonly!

2) A section where our users can post updates and openly discuss issues without scaring or running away people who can help us get rid of these creeps. I know I myself have posts that I thought were perfectly legit when I made them but later realized they were inappropriate (gosh I hope this wont be another one) [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img].

3) Imagine you are a dumb user for just a moment. You visit a site and after you exit, you notice a popunder that says. WE HAVE DETECTED YOUR PC IS INFECTED WITH A PARASITE. Don't panic... yada yada! For more information on parasites and how to rid yourslef of them visit www.parasiteware.com.
Think about it.... If you have a parasite why goto parasiteware.com? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img].

Maybe be-parasite-aware,com or
parasite-killer.com or mabye even
(sorry can't help it) but the point is valid (I think).

A typical gramdma that just got informed she was infected with a parasite is not going to want to goto parasiteware.com ! In my case, it wasn't my grandma that pointed this out. It was my oriental girlfriend - LOL.

I only provided these comments so that we can all get better positioned to effectively address this issue.

Food for thought.

I think Marketscore needs to be put in the parasiteware forum. Also, I'm not sure if they updated their program but an uninstall with adaware does not fix this. I killed the ossproxy program, ran msconfig and disabled them at startup, ran adaware, dbl checked the uninstall which did not remove the language extensions or the proxy info in the connections tab. I removed all of this rebooted and guess what... Marketscore was running alive and well. Somehow it had reconfigured everything on the boot up. I ended up going to their site and did an uninstall that worked.

Hope this info above can be useful in some way!