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    whats your method for link partners software or manually hours!!!
    i have always done mine manually.. whilst in the past it has had its results.. the reason i have done it manually and never placed someone on my site before asking even if i know they have a link partner exchange in place.. is because

    1. some people dont link back
    2. some people dont check their email
    3. some people do check but dont respond
    4. some link back and never tell you
    5. some choose not to link as they are caught up with your little green google bar.. and say.. oooh arrh its not a 4 so that means i dont want to link back to you.. but tell me when you have a 4 and i will link back..

    sounds like.. HEy you dont have any money your not my friend but tell me when you win thelottery ok..

    Yah .. like im going to come back to you .. lol

    i have tried arelis.. it was crap.. mass emailing.. whilst it has its advantages it has its downsides..

    so whats the solution???

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    The affiliate formerly known as ojmoo
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    I always link manually, it really doesn't take very long, a few seconds. BUt there is a bigger issue here, a very wise person once told me, once you have enough domian names yourself, you really don't need to be linked to by someone else. With this in mind, you should be very selective with your link exchanges. Stay on topic as much as possible. Make sure your link page is quality. It should be something that enhances your site, not just a place to put unrelated links that you know no one will ever click anyway.

    I do believe there is link exchange etiquette.
    1) One person request a link from another.
    2) The second person accepts the link request
    3) The person initiating the link exchange must link first
    4) Email is sent saying link is up
    5) Second person links back and confirms that he has linked

    Pretty simple. For intelligent people with quality links this always works. If this doesn't work the link exchange wasn't worth much anyway.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ojmoo
    ...a very wise person once told me, once you have enough domian names yourself, you really don't need to be linked to by someone else.
    Are you referring to cross-linking your own sites?

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    I'm pretty sure I can't even remember the last time I received a manual link exchange request (the automated requests are pretty easy to spot).
    I say we hit it hard and we hit it fast with a major, and I mean "major" leaflet campaign.
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    Seems like all the software has 8 million bells and whistles I don't want and only half covers what I do want... I also like the personal interaction with someone on the other end.

    For me, some software for keeping all my contacts and data organized, plus something to spot check that links haven't been removed and flag them for manual investigation, combined with human oversite, manual link insertion and hand typed communication would be ideal.
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    >Are you referring to cross-linking your own sites?
    ojmoo MAY be referring to the concept of linking to MANY relevant sites that may or may not be his own which may or may not be hosted on different class "C"s around the world.

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    of all my domains, only two (content, also) have links pages and I link out to those who I feel are resources that match the overall content of the sites. I laugh my head off some days at the propositions I get for linking. But rarely do I even think about accepting as the sites of mine they want reciprocal linking with don't have link pages anyway. Delete key works fine here.

    cross-linking? one of my sites, the oldest, usually has a PR of 5 (used to be 6) so it has a small panel announcing my other domains with links to them. just keeps the spiders crawling, is all.

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    The affiliate formerly known as ojmoo
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    hmmm, what I mean is once your in this business for a while you create a bunch of sites each with their own theme and domain name. Each one has its own following. You link them together and they will raise the PR of eachother. If you have enough of these sites, you really don't need to link to anyone else. I don't have enough at this point I suppose so I am still linking with people, but I am more selective now.

    The fact is, someone with a link of 7 or better isn't going to link to you for a link exchange, they may link to your site because they like your site and at that point they might not even tell you. If one of your site already has a 7 PR then you don't need to exchange links. Somewhere in there, traffic must effect PR, I just don't know exactly how it does.

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