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    An interesting story going around the wires about an outfit called Maxtheater Inc based in Spokane who've been nailed by the FTC for selling fake spyware removal software ( - it generated false positives to drive sales, and then didn't actually remove real spyware at all when installed.

    Maxtheater also seems to sell a sort of DIY projections system for PCs with an affiliate program - hopefully no ABWers have fallen for this.
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    Certainly the tip of the cybercrime games being played by those hawking Anti- adware -popups-spam - spyware -malware programs from every corner of the Globe. Some legit security groups have identified for FTC overview almost 170 BOGUS programs being advertised thru Google -Overture and a slew of other PPCSE's, plus BHO popup Ads duping web surfers right and left out of their Credit card and privacy info. Some even install spyware/adware/backdoor viruses and disable common detect/removal tools.

    Google, and all, are tearing their hairs out getting the con-men, phishers, info peddling false fronts out of their PPCSE listings or face law suits once notified of the perps PPCSE actions.

    Please do not be tricked into getting this WinAntivirus Pro 2004 ( )
    What they try to do is trick you into thinking that your Symantec Norton AV subscription has expired and takes you to thier web site to sign up with them
    The program is nothing but spyware and will leave you wide open to virus's
    Some info on these people and are the one and the same. And there's so much more with a network of con-men operated sites they also are connected with:

    The domain itself redirects to http: // However, it looks like the real product belongs to http: // is a false front for hosting multiple cyber scammers and spam operators.

    whois -h ...
    GeekTools Whois Proxy v5.0.3 Ready.
    P.O. Box 3
    Kiev, NA 04114

    Domain name: WINANTIVIRUS.COM
    Administrative Contact:
    Hostmaster, WinAntiVirus
    P.O. Box 3
    Kiev, NA 04114
    +380 44 496 04 59 Fax: +380 44 496 04 59
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