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    Where Did I go? Google lost me :<
    I submitted my site to Google about 10 days ago. Everyday I check and see if I am on google by typing It always came up "Your search - - did not match any documents. Finally yesterday- there it was. I was so happy... Today it is gone again. What the???? Any idea why this happened.
    Should I resubmit or just wait or what?

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    Perfectly normal. The site will be back - don't worry. No need to resubmit. It may take 2 or more months for all the pages to be fully indexed.
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    I would work on getting links in.

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    Also you should make sure you have some links pointing toward your site, otherwise it will rot at the bottom of the engine even if it's technically "known about" by Google.

    Edit: TrustNo1 types faster than me...
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