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    I've already done several posts in here regarding these topics but now, I have another thought you may want to consider.

    Why not ad a category for "fighting back" (under spam and or parasiteware). I'd love to hear what suggestions, links, or what else is the best ways we can fight back such as :
    *) Write your congressman
    *) Send a message to the FTC
    *) Email your congressman
    *) Whatever else we can do that may be effective in helping to heighten our issues so we don't have to fight so hard in the future everytime another alacart gator comes along.

    I personally have no idea what would be the most effective ways to fight back (thats probably obvious from my list above) but, if I did know I would do my part myself and help educate the vistors of my site too.

    ** Lets help each other get educated on this. **

    Currently some affiliates are directing infected users to right. Why not encourage them (the infected consumers) to help us fight back by sending emails and or letters to the appropriate sources.

    This seems like it would be a small step but if we can be successful in getting more and more consumers on our side and being included in complaints it would certainly be a positive.

    Of course, this would only be effective itself if we have effective postings on how to fight back.

    If we start working to add the voices of consumers complaining as wel as the 5,000+ members here we'll be much better off.

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    As far as consumers go, most just aren't gonna care about affiliates yelling about their commissions being stolen. They have to be told how it's benificial to THEM not to use Gator, etc.

    Sorry, but that's the way it is (especially if they happen to like Gator's form filler stuff).

    Telling the "F"TC about it is really a waste of time right now because of the lack of laws about this stuff (there isn't even an "F" law yet about spam). They may be collecting stats but even those aren't meaningful since very few people forward a copy of their spam complaint to

    Give them a REASON. Tell them how Roboform is better than Gator - give them the link, point out it's free (I don't use either, I use a macro program).

    Give them ANOTHER reason. Like one of you big money affiliates who happen to be on a dialup (and MOST of the world is still on lowbandwidth dialup) go ahead and set up a spare copmputer - get some STATISTICS! Make a nifty graph showing how much bandwidth Gator or whatever is stealing from the surfer.

    How about ANOTHER reason? Maybe some really gungho affiliate could collect statistics how Gator's popups are not a good idea financially?

    Something like "the average Gator redirect ended up costing the consumer 20% more for purchases over the original link offered".

    Or get really gunbgho and have something like

    Hard drives: Gator - 20% higher price
    Monitors: Gator - 10% higher price

    If necessary, forget about your links - collect Gator offers and compare them to Pricewatch or CNET's price thing or something similar. Average price for Gator pushed links will be a lot higher, I'm sure.

    And no, don't even think of saying it's my idea and I should do it - this is YOUR biz, not mine.

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