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    I like to call this "Revenge of the Blonde"
    A blonde, a brunette and a redhead were stuck on an island for many, many years until one day they found a magic lamp. They rubbed it hard and out popped a genie. He said that he could only give three wishes so since there were three girls, each would get one wish.
    The redhead went first. ''I hate it here. It is too hot and boring. I want to go home!''
    "Okay,'' replied the genie. And off she went.

    Then the brunette went. ''I miss my family, my friends and relatives. I want to go home, too!!''
    And off she went.

    The blonde started crying and said, ''I wish my friends were back here!''

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    Good AmyB....How about another...

    One day, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead were all driving in a car when the car crashed. Minutes later they appeared up in heaven.

    God says to them "Ahead are 100 stairs, at each stair you will be told a joke, if you laugh you will take the one way train to Hell, if you remain silent, you will continue on. If you make it to the top, you will stay in Heaven."

    So the brunette started up the stairs. At the 55th stair she laughed, and was sent aboard the train to hell.

    The redhead started to climb but laughed at the 79th stair and got on the train to Hell.

    The blonde started up and made it to the 100th stair. She paused, then began laughing non stop. Shocked, God asked her why she had laughed. Still laughing she replied, "I finally got the first joke!"


    A blonde, a redhead and a brunette were just hanging around when the
    redhead says, "in twenty years i'll travel Mars."

    then the brunette says, "in twenty years i'll travel to Jupiter."

    then the Blonde says, "in twenty years i'll travel to the sun."

    the redhead and the brunette look at each other and say "you can't travel to the sun, it's way to hot and you'll die."

    The blonde says, "Duh...I'll travel at night."


    A Brunette, a Redhead and a Blonde are sitting in a doctors office, talking about what sex of child they are going to have.

    The Brunette says "I am going to have a girl because I was on top."

    The Redhead replied "I am going to have a boy because I was on the bottom."

    The Blonde screams... " Oh my God, I am going to have puppies."

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    Good ones Kris Kringle! Might as well keep the blonde jokes coming...

    A blond was driving along a country road, listening to the radio. The D.J. was telling blonde jokes one after the other, and she got extremly pissed off and turned of the radio.
    She continued down the road, and in a field she saw another blond in a canoe trying to row across the field. She stopped and got out of the car, and yelled across to the other blond, "It's Blondes like you who make everyone think I'm stupid. If I could swim, I'd come out there and give you a piece of my mind!"

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    A blonde is walking toward a railroad track where she sees a brunette jumping from rail to rail each time quietly saying 21. Intrigued the blonde began to follow say 21! 21! 21!
    Suddenly the brunette jumped from the track and the blonde was hit by a train.
    The brunette hops back to the rail and starts say 22. 22. 22.

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