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    IMPORTANT! W-9 FORM - email it?
    I forgot to ask this question before and know it is very important... Do I have to physically mail in the W-9 tax form thing to the affiliate places i join or do we do it on the web. Google I recall took the info on the web, bbut others I remember had a pdf page (still havent filled those out!) and I am wondering if these have to be actually printed and sent via snailmail or there is some way they can be sent through the internet. Thanks for your help and also critique my revamped as of last night website for errors etc...

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    I fax them in.

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    I don't know whether you can electronically fill them out or not - they require a signature. My guess is either mail or fax. I fax mine in.


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    they'll tell you if the form is interactive and you push the button to send it. otherwise, fax or mail if you want to get paid.

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    I would never email any forum that has my TAX ID or SSI number on it. Always fax those in or Mail it. But if it is an electronic form and accepts electronic signitures then use the forum just make sure the sites secure.

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