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    Gadget Universe?
    Does Gadget Universe convert well for anyone? In my experience, they get a lot of clicks but result in little or no sales. I received a termination notice, but not sure if they are worth trying to contact the AM to get back in.

    Any suggestions for replacement merchants with similar products that convert better? Thanks

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    January 17th, 2005

    I've sent numerous questions, suggestions, etc. to GadgetUniverse and have never gotten a reply. I've also found that they make small changes every so often that results in all their product links going bad and defaulting to the home page.
    I've been slowing replacing their links with products from Brookstone, Hammacher Schlemmer, Sharper Image, and Discovery Store.

    I personally would recommend that you dont bother with them and take the termination as a blessing

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    adsense makes no sense
    i was just looking them over and stopped when i saw the adsense at the bottom middle of the page.

    When will retailers learn if your going to retail then retail....don't try to sell of your affiliate traffic

    opps did i bring up a dead thread or what sorry for the bump of a dead thread

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    This thread is indeed 2 years dead, so I'm going to rekill it (lock it).

    But, you might want to consider putting that bit about the AdSense into a new thread. Something like that needs attention!

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