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    Phsychology in web design?? What works for you
    Im new around here and to affiliate marketing, web design etc but am finding these message boards VERY ENLIGHTENING! I was wondering if you all could give your opinions on what visual elements to web page design you find most crucial in attracting and keeping your customers? Like color choices, text, graphics and page layout?? In content pages is it better to have more columns (like newspapers) or one wide one. What about navigation bars..where do you find the best place is to put them? Stuff like that. MIne is an art site but I am striving to give it a professional look...not too artsy...because I want them to buy and not to just check out the art but not bland and generic looking like a TON of affiliate type sites I see out there. Are there any good articles any of you could direct me to on this? Thanks!

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    I have been marketing and designing websites for about 7 years now and the current trend is a 3 column design, with a big emphasis on sticky content. This is why people are migrating to more dynamic platforms such as Asp, PhP and ColdFusion.

    You should design the site to complement your product and content, not as a piece of art. Too often the design gets in the way of selling. I favor a more contemporary design, with less distracting elements. Use flash or animation sparingly. There are simply too many crappy one page sites out there and userís expectations are changing. Try to limit scrolling.

    Navigation placement depends a lot on how many options you have and how you plan to present your products. I think people would rather be led down a relatable path than be given every option upfront with some complex JavaScript menu dropdown. Use breadcrumbs to make sure they know where they are and have been.

    If you are in the art industry, check out other sites in your market like A search function is pretty much a standard necessity now.

    If you plan to get visitors to this site via search engines make sure you name your pages with relevant words and create good quality content to flow into all the pages. This can be accomplished via good product descriptions and information on each type of artwork. Also include custom Meta tags for at least every major section Ė as good practice Ė not because itíll make you #1.

    Hope this helps!

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