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    Thumbs up Butler Anti Google Enhancer for Firefox
    Its payback time!! Check out this FireFox plugin:

    Butler Google Enhancer Plugin

    * removes ads on most Google pages
    * fixes fonts on most Google pages
    * Google web search:
    o adds links to other search sites ("Try your search on...")
    o in news results, adds links to other news sites
    o in movie results, adds links to other movie sites
    o in weather results, adds links to other weather sites
    o in product results, adds links to other product sites
    * Google image search:
    o adds links to other image/photo/art sites
    * Google News:
    o adds links to other news sites
    * Froogle:
    o adds links to other product sites
    * Google Print:
    o Removes image copying restrictions
    o adds links to other book sites
    * Google Toolbar Firefox page:
    o adds links to other Firefox-friendly toolbars

    "No, Butler is not spyware. It does not track the pages you visit, display ads, hijack Amazon affiliate links, log keystrokes, steal passwords, set cookies, "phone home," or install any bundled software on your computer. It is simply a Firefox script that modifies a few Google services in ways that I find useful. If you don't like it, you can easily uninstall it."

    I tried it and it seems to work ok for me.
    Also, you may think about excluding the googlebot with your robots.txt files, expecially if that site is getting low rankings anyway.
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    Anything that helps "the user" must be good - right?

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    Google and Parasites
    "Anything that helps "the user" must be good - right?"

    Not if its parasitic, Google seems to have joined the ranks of the rest of the parasites, the only difference is that they do send some of the traffic before they attempt to steal it. Today it may be good book traffic and book traffic theft only, eventually it will be poor traffic and widespread theft.

    Google has drawn first blood and exposed their true colors by introducing the autolinks theft technology, with the uproar and attention already recieved, Google can no longer claim stupidity, accident or ignorance. With their decision to go forward anyway with this, they have declared their position as being an enemy of affiliates and friend to scumware in the name of helping "the user", 180 Soulutions says the same thing too.

    Theres little doubt that Google has most of us over a barrel right now but in time this may not be the case. With MSN and Yahoo getting bigger, better and just in the game even, the discontent sowed by autolinks (which has more repercussions than Google may realize) the mighty Google days are surely numbered. Google stockholders beware.

    As a defense, the affiliate industry may want to consider weening themselves off this obvious parasite which they claim to despise so adamently and if parasites truly anger them half as much as they claim, may even consider banning googlebot from their sites the same as they would 180 Solution if they only could. This would not only send a clear message to Google but eventually "the user" will decide one day on his own that the search results are just not as good with Google as they are with Yahoo.

    Any affiliate or merchant that buys adsense ads from Google is actually aiding and abetting the enemy and should never speak publicly about parasites in a negative manner since they are part of the problem. Just because they are the great Google does not mean that they can do anything they want to without repercussions. Unless those they step on along the way approve of it and don't have enough backbone, are too fearful, spineless, stupid or greedy to take some sort of stand against them.

    Which is why I figure it would not be too hard of a thing to do if someone has sites that get little traffic from Google anyway to exclude the googlebot. The butler plugin is a piece of software more for Google's sake than any "user". The average user don't have a clue about all this stuff, it just sends a message to Google if we show up on their site with it, sort of shows them what it feels like so to speak, gives the affiliate vistor a couple seconds of warm fuzzy satisfaction!!!

    Unlike the Google toolbar updates, the Butler plugin has to be added manually and anyone doing so will already have a negative opinion of Google or they wouldn't be getting it. As for fighting the war that Google started, refusal to buy ads from them would be a great first step, not allowing any Google Ads on our sites would be next, excluding the googlebot from our sites (even if painful), would also help, educating the public as to what scumware peddlers they are should not be overlooked and promoting Yahoo, MSN or any other semi clean engines other than Google.

    On the bright side, merchants and affiliates with Google ads on their sites or sponsored ads in Google can now be easily spotted and identified as gutless, traitorus, parasite loving "adwhores" (as some would call them) that sleep, team and make their money with parasites. Let the war between integrity & honesty in the affiliate & merchant community against Google & Google parasite loving merchants & affiliates begin! May the battlecry for honest, parasite hating affiliates worldwide be: KISS MY GOOGLE

    Got some kind words for Google? Have some defense for them? Please respond to this thread, someone may be taking notes, who knows, maybe someday soon merchants will reject any sites with Google Ads on them for associating with parasites. How can they claim to be "parasite free" otherwise????

    That does it, I just talked myself into changing out the remaining robots.txt files that I haven't done yet. Kiss My Google! Hopefully the joy will outlast the pain. Does anyone have an image for "GoogleFree Website" or "No Google Allowed" they would like to donate?
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    This just takes the bad of google, and makes it 10x worse.

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    I personally do think that Google have gone waaaay to far with the proposed new toolbar.

    But what can you do? Dealing with Google these days is often like doing a deal with the devil. Read the AdSense TOC. Nasty. But on the flipside, AdWords is great. Go figure.

    I get the feeling that parts of Google are completely out of control, and that various teams of Google engineers are off doing their own thing, probably often to the horror of their coworkers.

    Take the recent incident of Google using cloaking on its own pages as an example - there's no way that would ever have been authorised by anyone "centrally" (if such a thing exists) and I guess someone "just thought it was a good idea at the time". I think the same is true of the toolbar and many other features - someone thought it was a good idea.

    I think this issue is a case of "watch this space".
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