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    Good stuff. I put up a site for online casinos last summer. Up until about 3 weeks ago, I couldn't get anything out of any search engine. The occasional specifically worded search result from Google and MSN, but not enough to count on two hands each month.

    So about 3 weeks ago I decided to shut the site down as I was just paying to host for the search engines to visit and since they don't gamble then I was wasting my time.

    Instead of totally trashing the idea I decided I would give it one more chance but instead of putting it back under a domain I would just host it in a subdirectory off my main site which is 5 years established.

    I've been ranking Top 5 - Top 10 for the names of all the casinos I promote, some with and without "casino" appended (such as Roxy Palace Casino and Roxy Palace both rank top 10). I've had 20-30 hits a day (at least) just for name searches and I've even got a few real players here and there.

    Makes me think I should do this with all of my sites, lol. Of course it may not, and possibly won't, last but it's still nice to finally see something from that 'site'.

    MSN hasn't picked up the pages yet, which is odd since it loves my main site, but I assume I should do pretty well once it does index them (I hope anyway).

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    I've never understood why people make lots of little sites. I've had my site up for five years too, and whenever I want to add something knew, I just add a sub-site to it with a link on the home page. Google spiders that site every day, and picks up the new pages immediately. Seems it would be so much harder to get a small site ranked if you already have a large, ranked site.

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