In the grand scheme of things, these are unimportant, but I keep meaning to bring them to your attention...

I don't know about others, but my favorite page on this site is "New Posts". I try to read every message here.

However, if I get more than 100 messages behind, the New Posts screen breaks into several pages. The links to the other pages of new posts doesn't sort by date like the front page. I can change the sort=2 to sort=date in the URL after I click on it. It would be cool if it just worked that way.

Secondly, I'd recommend that you add a new posts link to the short menu:

MyPop™ | register | search | faq | forum home

When looking at some of the branded forums, the new posts link is two clicks away.

Minor stuff, some down-in-the-mud coding is good for the mind sometimes.



Scott Jangro