Before I outline my suggestion, please review the moderator only topic in Parasiteware forum and adjust as needed. Despite some people thinking everything is watched, the additon of that topic is clearly indication all is not watched [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img].

I sent an email and after no repsonse, added that topic more as an alert than intending it to really be added to the forum. Sorry for the confusion.

Now back to my suggestion.

I think Parasites - Detecting and educating your users would be a good section. I realize that the cusimo and several other areas discuss this but in reality, there are going to be a whole wad of users who don't have a clue at what a
"BHO detect script" is.

I've used a detect script on my site along with a customized page I did and it has a poll on it as well that asks users how they feel about me notifying them and what actiuon they will take. Overwhelmingly, people are glad I told them and are doing uninstalls. Not nearly as many people vote as I would like but thats another story.

The more people we have issuing alerts I feel the better. A dedicated section for this may be useful in helping to get newbees and oldies alike to start using these scripts if they aren't.