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    Could we possibly have a new forum (I know, don't hit me [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] ) Under Parasiteware for something like "Fighting Parasiteware." Right now, the threads relating to different strategies/plans, etc for fighting parasiteware are all over this board. It's getting a bit confusing and more and more difficult to go back and easily find info that has been previously posted. You can probably find threads in almost every forum now. As the battle heats up, it might be helpful to have the info consolidated all in one area. All the previous (or at least the most recent) threads that are floating around could be moved there.

    I would also suggest that this one particular forum have stricter moderation guidelines. I also kind of cringe at the idea of curtailing people's right to express themselves. However, there is a need on this particular topic to foster constructive ideas and plans of actions without the fear of all the other nonsense. People can disagree and offer counterpoints, but they will just need do it in a civilized manner. Maybe there are 3 or 4 moderator's who would be willing to volunteer to keep a closer eye this particular forum and move or delete posts which are only inflammatory in nature so that the person it is directed at doesn't feel the need to defend themselves. There could always be a thread started to dump such posts in so that someone's right to express themselves isn't blocked. Maybe a "venting" thread.

    Just my

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    I second that.

    Or we can have the moderators move these threads into the Suspicious Activity section.

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