I have been an affiliate of your affiliate network for over 2 years now where we have earn't a small but nice bit of money. The only problem is that we are affiliated to about over 150 merchants and we would like to become affiliated with alot more.

The only problem is that we feel that we may not be able to do this and may have to stop promoting all of the merchants from your shareasale affiliate network all together as we are finding that whenever we login to our shareasale account we notice that alot of affiliates have become inactive and we are still promoting them on our site which means that people are clicking on the links and then find out that they are just dead links.

Is there anyway that we can receive an email when ever a merchant becomes inactive. The email has to be sent out to use approximately straight after they have become inactive. If this can't be done then we will have to drop all of your merchants as our business is growing big and we have big plans and don't want to keep having dead links in our sites.

For instance, we are now working with some merchants datafeeds and we have listed all of their products on our sites. We go back to loging to ShareASale about 2 weeks later and have already noticed that about 3 - 4 merchants have become inactive. This means that we didn't now about it and we then had about three - four thousand dead links on our site, which is rather a lot and makes our visitors turn away from our site and never come back.

As some of the dead links were on our site for a while then we also loose alot of sales.

Is there a way of getting emails so that when we receive an email we can also make the merchants datafeed listings on our site inactive aswell.